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Nic & his small team at cairngorm cabins have been manufacturing bespoke shepherd Huts and cabins
for clients all over the UK since 2006

We're just lucky that they build them for us too.

Their workshop is based just outside the woodland village of Nethy Bridge in the cairngorms so our huts don't have to travel far.

Let it be that you would like to provide your own holiday accommodation, have extra space for family staying, a studio, an office to work in or the luxury of your own woodland or garden retreat.

If you are interested in learning more about having a shepherd hut or a cabin built, click on the button below.

Since January 2022, they have been offering a pre built shepherd hut shell package. 
The shell package is a hut that is finished externally but leaving the interior untouched for you to do.  

Prices from £19,000 + vat + delivery costs

Windows / Doors / roof and all externals completed in their workshop.
All their cabin builds are bespoke to their client's requirements.


Destination: Dunkeld - Perthshire

Length of Hut: 14ft

Exterior Material: Juniper Green Tin and Larch

Heat Soucre: 4kw Hobbit Multi stove


To supply a hut suitable for 2 Adults and 2 Children. Small fitted kitchen. Leisure battery operated sink pump. Fold down bed to maximise daytime space. To allow for electric hookup to power sockets and lights.

Destination: Dornoch - Sutherland

Length of Hut: 20ft

Exterior Material: Homegrown local Larch

Heat Soucre: 4kw Hobbit Multi stove


To supply a hut suitable for holiday accommodation with room for 2 and create a small porch area to the front. The client supplied reclaimed Parquet flooring that we had to clean up, dress and re-size and eventually the floor was machine sanded to make level. The interior was painted on the walls only and the ceiling treated. All the exterior and interior timber was milled locally to help reduce our carbon footprint.

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